WIBTA if I asked my Mom to stop critiqueing what I've cooked?

I'm 20 and live at home as a student. I like to cook so I make my own meals. My family works weird hours, so when we are all home, I will sometimes cook dinner for us all- and other days, I will just make for me. You can look at my page and see i cook decent (not to self promo but just to show tou im not making slop).We all have different preferences and schedules, and for awhile, I tried to accommodate that, but it became too much.

So, I will make myself breakfast. At night, I'll make myself dinner. I'll usually just make myself what I like and I'll save the leftovers, first asking my mom if she'd like (she gets home after i eat) or I will text my dad and tell him where the leftovers are if there are any because he gets home very late, and likes to eat when he gets home. He is not critical and I am aware of his likes and dislikes.
I have a gauge of what he will and won't eat, so if I make myself, a chicken with lemon, I know he hates citrus and will just text him before bed so he knows to grab something before he gets home or he'll ask like "oh is there any x left? i can make a sandwich when i get back."

I do a lot of the shopping so I typically know more of what's in the fridge. And yes, I pay for a lot of groceries.

My mom is very picky and harsh. A lot of times, she will ask me if I'm making myself dinner, to make her something but to her liking, in a rude way. I buy myself chicken thighs to eat. I also buy breasts sometimes, however on a day where i had 8 hrs of hw, its just me and im making something spicy ill make myself some thighs and she always has a rude comment. I'll say "I made some chicken, theres an extra. Ik you don't like dark meat but if you want you can try." She will go on a rant about how fatty chicken thighs are and ask why i didn't make her a seperate one- in the past I've done this, she'll come home and have eaten and will be full and it's wasteful.

Tonight I made myself eggs in purgatory and when she got home and saw the leftovers, she decided to try them. I told her she should heat them because a cold poached egg won't taste right. She decided to eat cold eggs and cold sauce and then went on about how DISGUSTING it was. I didn't make it for her. I made it for me and threw an extra egg in. She decided to insult me, but continued to eat going, "ugh, never make this." It was extremely weird and then she heated up poptarts to "wash the taste out."

She does this often, she'll eat cold leftovers without heating and call them gross or go mad if I make myself something she doesn't want or eat dinner before her. When we eat dinner together, she sits on her phone, or puts on tv shows i hate, or complain about the food.She is a good cook but doesnt cook often for herself and then yells about what I make. Honestly, it's unpleasant. Would I be an asshole to ask her to stop critiqueing me? I like eating in peace and hate being told that what I make is terrible when nobody else has ever said that?