AITA for refusing to share a bed with a coworker at a mandatory conference?

i just graduated from college and i’ve been working as a receptionist . i’ve decided it’s time to get serious and find a career. i interviewed at 10 places and a few offers before accepting a new job.

i was so excited to not work weekends anymore, getting off at 5 everyday, earning a little more money to pay off my student loans, and having some pocket change for concerts

after about a week of training at my new job, i am told that we are having a mandatory conference in which we will have to stay the night at a hotel in the same city that i live in. their reasoning for making everyone stay even though some of the other offices were within 10 miles of the hotel was that since some people were coming from out of town and they wanted it to be fair for everyone.

i thought it was stupid they were making us stay in a hotel because my house was less than 5 miles from the hotel and i could easily just go to all the training and the dinner while still being able to go home. however, i decided to get over it & try to get over my fears & anxiety about forced interaction with people who are aren’t like me (i’m a bit of a free spirit)

upon my arrival to the conference, i overhear one of the girls saying that we are sleeping four to a room and TWO TO A BED. i start to panic and run to the bathroom with tears in my eyes trying to stop myself from having a full blown panic attack. i text in my group message with the girls in my specific office if they knew we would be cosleeping next to someone and they blew it off like it was normal.

i make it through my 1sr class (i have a history of getting panic attacks so severe that i’m left hyperventilating for hours until i can calm myself down) & as soon as it was over i pulled my supervisor aside and ask her if she knew that we would be sleeping 2 to a bed. she said yes, & i told her that had i known that were the sleeping situation i would of never agreed to it and i would let her know way further ahead of time that i am NOT okay with sleeping in the same bed as someone. she tells me i am over reacting and that it is mandatory and that i’ll be the only girl not staying and it’s gonna make me look like i’m not a “team player”. she told me that i would have to accept a write up as punishment for not staying. i told her that was fine, i would accept whatever punishment, i felt very disrespected and like i was being pushed to do something i was very uncomfortable with and she just stormed off

after the next class was over my supervisor came to me to tell me that they weren’t going to write me up, but they were officially uninviting me from the company dinner and the bonding exercises that were scheduled after.

i feel like this will stop my chances of being promoted within the company and i feel like all the other girls are going to think i’m an outcast freak because i “threw a fit” about sharing a bed instead of just following suit