AITA for telling my mum she wasn’t a great parent when she criticised gay people having kids...

Ok so we were having a discussion the other day about gay people having children. My mum said kids should have a mother and father 🙄. I said there’s plenty of people who split up, a parent dies etc and the kid is fine. She said but having a mother and father is still better...I said not necessarily. If those parents were abusive, poor and couldn’t care properly for their kids then they’re not gonna be better than two parents of the same sex who aren’t abusive and can financially and emotionally support their kids. She then said that money had nothing to do with it and a poor heterosexual would be much better parents than a financially stable gay couple 🤦🏻‍♀️

I said that’s bullshit. I said us not having a lot of money growing up did badly affect me. It made everything a lot harder, my mental and physical health suffered because of it. I also said that my parents constant arguing and fighting with one another, plus my mothers constant screaming at me affected me badly and it would have been better for me to be bought up by gay people who could finically support me and who didn’t give me severe anxiety from the constant fighting.

She’s now not talking to me. Calling me disrespectful, saying she gave up a lot for me and I’m ungrateful.

So AITA for saying this, or is she the asshole?