AITA for ruining my parents social standing?

For a little of context before i start with this.

I was bullied since i was a kid, and i has been since a child the type of person that just keep everything to himself until i cant stand it anymore. I had lived in at least 4 or 5 different houses and changed school almost every year, making me the type of guy that cant care anymore about making friends.

I had faked a "nice personality" with my schoolmates in my last school and do the same in my house, i stoped the bullyng after getting taller and training martial arts like a madman since i has 12.

Now with the main topic.

In my last month of highschool we had a "public speech" as a final proyect of the language class, parents and a lot of others people where there to ear to the speechs, and feing being nerveous i take the last turn to do mine.

In this speech i basically just let all out, the years of taking bullyng, apologies for the fake friendships that i had until now, etc. After this i get the comfort of my teacher and classmates, but my parents treat me like its my fault that i has being bullied and since then they treath me coldier than ever.

Like if what i did change the view of "super great parents" that they had around the community and that its my fault.

I dont really care about them, but they are my familly at the end. I now live with some aunt and my grandmother so i dont see them often.

Its my fault by doing this in something as big as a public speech? Sometimes i think i should had just keep this to me.