AITA for hitting my ceiling to remind the neighbor above me that people live under him?

I suppose I will just provide a list of details describing my situation. For reference, I live in a college dorm with about 5 people in my hallway.

1) In January, a new person moved into the dorm above me. He paces very loudly and frequently throws things on the ground in the afternoon into 2-4 in the morning. Our ceilings/floors/walls are quite thin, so it's very loud and resonates into the hallway/bathroom across the hall. I actually have a recording of the thumping I hear, and my next-door neighbor slams his door shut in the same recording. From my room, this thumping is *as loud as a door being slammed next to me*.

2) I repeatedly went to his room to speak with him, but he always has headphones on so he doesn't answer the door and probably doesn't realize how loud he is. At one point I waited outside until he opened the door, so I saw that he had his headphones on and that he was tossing stuff around. He seemed genuinely startled to see me and promised that he was just moving in and it would "never happen again." It's been more than 4 months and the pacing continues, often rattling my shelves.

3) I've left notes on the floor lounge above me to be courteous of the people below, and I've reported this to the RA of my floor several times as well as the RA on his floor twice. Both times resulted in a stern talking to and a report, and the noise stopped for about 2 weeks before it started again. I don't know how the university housing system works, so I didn't talk to the RAs about it anymore in case it could cost him his housing.

4) Since he doesn't seem responsive and waiting to talk to him isn't a sustainable option, I've resorted to taking the handle of my swiffer and hitting my ceiling one time whenever the pacing gets too loud. It usually keeps things quiet for at least 10 minutes or so, and I can get some peace and quiet. However, I mentioned before that the walls are quite thin. This means that my next-door neighbor very likely hears it whenever I hit the ceiling, but I'd also like to reiterate that I never hit it more than once and hour *at most*.

5) It's finals now, and the pacing now regularly continues into the morning. I'm sure he probably has a lot on his mind right now, but I'm also more agitated by his pacing than usual.

My boyfriend gets very upset whenever I hit the ceiling like this because he thinks it's a dick move that my neighbors probably have to hear it. I don't see why it's such an issue because his pacing is so loud that I can hear it when I' just walking around in the hallway, so it probably resonates into their rooms as well. To me, I would take one loud thump an hour over hours of continuous thumping any day, but I want to know if this is asshole behavior.