WIBTA if i sent an email to my campus food services about cold (not raw) chicken wings

Honestly proud of myself that my first post here is somewhat mundane, and sorry if this isn't a good fit.

Anyway, on my campus, we have a food truck and one of my favorite things to get there are the chicken wings, mainly because they're dirt cheap (for campus food anyway). I went there and got them for dinner tonight, but when I got them I found that of the six, four were cold in the middle. I want to emphasize that they weren't raw, this little incident confirmed my longstanding suspicion that they use premade frozen chicken wings, but still, I went back and brought it to their attention.

They were of course apologetic and emphasized VERY STRONGLY that they were not raw because holy lawsuit batman, and I really wasn't that upset because they were busy at the time, they probably just took them out too early. They got me a fresh batch with an extra wing, and I walked away with my artery clogging dinner thinking all was well.

In retrospect it was pretty foolish of me not to check them while I was there. This time only one of them was cold in the middle, thankfully, and the rest were all fine. By the time I realized this I was too far away to bring it up to them, and my first thought was to shoot an email to food services, which manage the food truck, so that they can check their frier (I'm convinced that has to be the problem, since no amount of human error could have done this on it's own).

Here's my dilemma though, if I tell them I got served cold chicken twice I have no doubt someone is going to get their ass chewed, even if it is just a faulty frier. That's just how food services are on our campus, they're infamously bad to student employees. The alternative is just not to eat there anymore, or at the very least not order the chicken, and hope that they figure it out on their own.

So, would I be an asshole for messaging their management?